Have you ever done something and “mid-doing” thought to yourself…”Hi, this probably isn’t a good idea?”

Welcome to me swinging golf clubs in my living room.

A few factors:

I have no idea how to swing a club.

I do not have tall ceilings. 

And I do have small dogs, very low to the ground. 

So, after a few slow and deliberate swings,

I retired the clubs.

And I am kind of proud to be writing about this choice,

Versus, writing that I shattered a light on my ceiling fan

Or drove a Chihuahua a few feet.


If only the rest of life could be this black and white.

Unfortunately, there will be shattered glass and the questions of “what did I just do?”


Sweep it up and move on. 


And tomorrow, pick up the putter.


(learning to be more deliberate)

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