Unfold the pages.

What to do tonight?


Watch mindless TV?

Stare at Facebook forever?

Mope around?

Check, check, and check (I thank you).

Then, I remembered…yesterday, I stumbled across my journal from Namibia, Africa.

Bright light!


So, I sat down and began reading.

Immediately, I was flooded with small and forgotten memories.

And suddenly, I was sitting in that small, cinderblock room.

With this pen and journal in my hand.

And thinking back on the day.


I remember the feeling of writing today’s journal entry and the emotion behind it.

Then, I listed what the plans are for tomorrow, always feeling nervous excitement and apprehension.


Looking back, almost 4 years later, I’ve come to realize some truths.

Laying in bed at night, apprehensive…happens.

The next day…works.

As I turned the pages and read adventure to adventure,

I saw life unfold, in a beautiful mixture of chaos, struggle, fatigue, heartache, love, compassion and reality.


Lending me these truths tonight:

Uncertainty is ok.

Not knowing is ok.

But, I know each day is new.

I know there more is ahead.

And I know that one day, I will look back (as I am today) and smile.

One thought on “Unfold the pages.

  1. Cody says:

    Much like how you’re in charge of your feelings in that journal, you are in charge of your lifes path. Always do whats going to make you the most happy.:)

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