I’m sitting here trying to organize my thoughts and pictures from Haiti. 

As I’m here, my mom calls and tells me about the Cholera outbreak in Haiti.


I am broken and crushed.

These people are beautiful. They are amazing.


And they are already broken.


Now….more for them to handle??

More fear?

More tears?

More loss?

I don’t get it. 


Right now…

My thoughts are walking through the streets,

Seeing the homeless.

Seeing the rubble.

Seeing the faces.


The people.


And I sit here in tears.


What can be done?

I feel an empty loss.


I am bothered by injustice.

I am bothered that I am sitting in a coffee house typing.

I am bothered that cars are driving by.

I am bothered that our lives go on, despite their’s.


Injustice is that:

People are dying.

People are homeless.

Kids are living on the streets,

They are starving.


Injustice is that:

We are numb.

We cared once.

We watched the footage.



So what can we do?

I don’t know.


But this is my shot…

I am going to:

Keep Haiti close.

Keep the faces near.

Keep the heartache alive.

Keep faith.

I am going to remember. 

And love how I know how to love. 

I am going to hold on. 

One thought on “Haiti

  1. Jo Lummer says:

    Your words strike the center of the heart…one of my big questions is why we have become so complacent … when did we stop caring for those less fortunate?
    An amazing entry into your Blog, Kate.
    Love you ~

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